China can be difficult: Geographical distance, cultural gaps, and language barriers make it harder to find what you are looking for. In order to efficiently manufacture your goods in the highest quality standards and to deliver them safely to your country, you need a solid bridge to overcome the obstacles and challenges along the way.

TAGU INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO. LTD is your bridge to China. As our slogan says:

Connecting People and Opportunities”

We offer:

Export and Import Services, Sourcing Services, Purchasing & Shipping Services


TAGU International Trading Co. Ltd, a trading company based in Changzhou China. Our aim is to enhance trade, making it easy and effortless for business people to buy goods and services on one hand and factory managers to increase sales on the other hand.

Factory managers can thus reduce the budget for marketing because our dynamic and committed team will do the work for them.

Business men and women can eliminate the need for long travel to purchase goods. Our team will bring the goods to your door steps.

Business men and women can reduce the time spend in research of target factory, price negotiation, product inspection. Our team will do this for you.

Why Us

Some of our strong points:

a) For the Customer

1. Knowledge of China Manufacturing and Suppliers  

We have knowledge and strong tithes with factories, supplies and have local Chinese stuffs to do the negotiation. This helps to overcome the barriers post by language, and customs. We are able to give you the most competitive prices.

2. Attend exhibitions/expo

The first Shanxi Yangcheng International Ceramic Fair

  Our company is committed to bringing the best quality goods and services to customers. To achieve this, we make sure we participate in exhibitions/expos to get cooperation deals with the best of the best. At exhibitions/trade fairs or expos we can meet a good number of factories in one spot. We can then choose the best to cooperate with.

3. Cooperation with manufacturer

We sign cooperation agreements with manufacturers for win-win cooperation. We can thus satisfy our customer better.

4. A dynamic team

A dynamic team at your disposal to give you what you need. We never give up on our client. We master the terrain and promise to give you a price cheaper than what you can ever find by yourself. We source the product until you are satisfy both with the price and quality. Above all, if you happen to come to China, we give you a VIP treat.

b) For the Manufacturers/Suppliers

5. Present of sales Representatives

Our representatives located across the global constitute a strong sales team for your goods and services. They know the local market better than any one else.

6. knowledge of the local market

our sales representative are home based meaning they know the local market and can easily interact with customers, potential buyers, get customer feedback and after sales service.

7. Strong Online Present

Social media is now a strong tool for marketing and sales of goods and services. We understand this fully and are taking advantage of it to reach millions of consumers. We will showcase your products on our website. This website will be highly propagated and use by our sales reps for marketing.

One-stop, Turnkey Solution for  Business  People
Exact Detail Procedure
1. Product Sourcing

Search for product and price information according to customer’s specifications – photos, product description, price quote. Or you can send us the photo(s) of the product if you already source it.

2. Prepare Samples

Make samples and show to customers by way of photos or physical items.

3. Agree upon the price, quality and quantity

Reach an agreement with customer and provide     Pro forma invoice.

4. Place Order

Place order as required and follow production schedule. Customer pay in the deposit as required per manufacturer. Payment method-We recommend direct bank transfer. See bank information below

5. Inspection and Quality Control

Ensure that the goods are produced as required by the customer.

6. Completion of payment

The customer completes the payment as required. Payment can be by bank transfer through the company account. See transfer information below.

7. Place shipping Orders

On our part, we place shipping orders, load container, custom clearance, and make shipping documents

8. Receive goods and after sales service
Other Services We Offer:
  1. Prepare invitation letter and sent to customers
  2. Prepare entire schedule including: hotel reservation, airport pick up and driving to airport. Local car service and also entertainment.
  3. Organize and accompany you on visit to potential manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers and commodity markets according to your requirements.
  4. Warehousing – this is particularly important for those who have multiple items to purchase.
  5. After sales service
Our fees

You need to pay:

  • The item value + domestic  shipping fee
  • Buying commission is 0.5-3 % (Note: This fee can be waive for high purchase and for returning buyers)
  • Bank handing fee
  • International shipping fee (express cost/air cost/ sea cost)
  • You will need to pay an advance deposit of 98 US dollars (This money will be refunded back to you, it will be included as part of your first payment for the goods. This is to guarantee us that you are serious. We don’t want to waste our time and resources for people who are not serious. )
Bank information

In favor of :

TAGU International Trading (Changzhou) Co. Ltd


Account No. : 536 5715 69791

Benf’s Bank: Bank of China, Changzhou Branch

Swift Code: BKCHCNBJ95E

Address: 21 Heping North Road, Changzhou, Jiangsu China

Tel: 86-0519-88178326